Thursday, 16 June 2016

Immersion Assembly

In the holiday’s I went to Parakai Springs for my brothers 1st birthday. Me and my cousins went in the pools and did diving and bombs. My Uncle Zane did really big bombs because he is big and bulky (well he says). My uncle Zane even got to see his other two daughters Taraia Dawn & Riana Lee. Taraia Dawn is 4 and Riana lee is 2 years old.

After we finished at the pools we went to the slide. We had to get mats before we walked up because there were heaps of bumps and it would hurt your bottom. When we walked up the steps it was really tiring. It felt like heaps of flights of stairs. I went down the biggest slide first but I thought that it was the smallest I was super scared when I got to the top because I’m scared of heights when it was my turn to go down my little sister pushed me down but I landed on my tummy and you have to stay the right way on your tummy and pull the front up so you can go really fast. After that we went on the small slide I felt a lot better after the first time I went down. Then we had to go and have lunch we had potato salad,meats,chop sui and we had cold bottles of water and fizzy's. After we ate we had to wait half an hour before we swam again or else we get stitches or else we drown. We went to take the baby’s swimming. My little brothers Chevelle and Krimzyn were playing in the baby pools and the big kids went on the bouncy castle. Then we went to the inside pools it was really hot in there it’s sort of like a spa. Then we got changed into our clothes and we played on these games like in the hoyts movies at sylvia park.

That’s the end of my holidays

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