Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Wild Adventure

Many moons ago there were two girls named Alice and Julia. They lived together in a small cottage not to far away from a dark cave they lived happily there with there family. But one day Alice came up with a bright idea and she wanted to go to the cave and explore it. Julia agreed with Alice so they got some gear and started their hike down the quiet stream and through a wonderful forest where there were wild life creatures.

They even saw a bunny and a frog. As they kept walking through the beautiful forest they saw a big grassy green hill and they thought that if they climbed it they get a better view of cave and where to go. So they climbed it and there it was the big dark deep cave. Alice said “Cool” and then they went in the cave mouths still open from shock of how huge it was. When they were walking in they could hear water and see glowing. Julia said “Where should we start” and Alice said I don’t know but let’s keep having a look around first.

As they were looking around Alice found a fossil bone or something so she put it in a small piece of brown loincloth and placed it carefully in her travelling backpack. When they finished they started making their way deeper into the cave so Julia got her torch and they kept going. When they halfway to the glowing in the distance the cave started to shake Julia’s torch started to flick off and on and then it dropped out of her hand in shock. It was pitch black and both the girls were scared.

As the boulders started to the girls started to scream and one of the boulders rolled over Alice’s leg and she was in severe pain. Julia didn’t know what to do so she picked up Alice and started to walk her back out of the cave as the shaking started to stop. So that she could get reception to make a call to get the ambulance.

They kept walking while Alice was whimpering. Once they were out Julia made the call and Alice was saved. THE END !!

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