Thursday, 6 April 2017

Eating Crickets

Walt: Engage the reader by using interesting vocabulary.
Have you ever eaten dead crickets before?, and I mean real dead crickets.
I don’t think you have and if you haven't you should try it is scrumptious. Well, today was not a typical Thursday. Mrs Stickland had ordered dead crickets. It had finally arrived. We were going to have our very own Fear Factor.

When Mrs Stickland opened the package I started feeling queasy. Before we started we had some spew supplies just in case somebody didn't feel so good. Luckily we had some chocolate flavoured mud to top it off. When I had my first cricket it was surprisingly really flaky, then I had another. At the end I had eaten 14 dead crickets.
At the end of our experience, it was actually pretty cool. Once in a lifetime I would like to do that again but not any time soon. They were a bit smelly but once you get used to it, it won’t smell that much. So that is the end of our P.E.S Fear Factor.
Task Description: This experience was weird but tasty. I did feel petrified at first but I got over that. Cool experience hope to do it again some day.

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  1. Kia Ora Jeadah!!
    My name is Milan I am a year 6 at gilberthorpe school chch. You're so brave that you tried I wouldn't even try. This is really amazing, I hope that you feel well after you had cricket I bet your friends vomited up.Now in these photos they look like you guys were in groups. It would be cool if you could say that you guys were in groups if you were. See you later and blog you later. bye.