Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Last Blog Post For The Year

Everyone Just Love Who You Are & Never Forget Your Loved Ones.
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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Motat Chart

WALT: Work Out Fractions Of Numbers.

Coke Bottle Experiments

WALT: we have been doing different experiments

Motat Letter

Date: 24 November 2016

Dear Abby,

I’d like to say a big thank you on behalf of the year 5’s for showing us around MOTAT and being so wonderful to us. The year 5’s would love to come back and visit you again.

We went to Myth Busters first and we were busting new myths like do all of the colours from the rainbow make white, there was also can a magnetic field work through anything.

Next we went on a tram ride. It was so cool because we went past the Auckland zoo. When we got to the other side the person had to switch the cables around so that we could go the other way.

I learnt that trams go by cables. Which is sort of like technology but it’s not. I also learnt a lot more about myth busting.

Hope To See You Again,

Monday, 21 November 2016


Walt: gather, sort, and display data to answer questions. 
We were doing this to ask for different peoples opinions. In what they liked at MOTAT. Museum Of Transport And Technology.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

An Abandoned House

One misty afternoon there were three girls named Anahera, Unique and Khyra. They were teenagers and they were having a sleeping over at Khyra’s house. They had just woken up because they had a midnight feast and they had problems going to sleep. They were also outside sleeping in a big tent with three sleeping bags. There were lots of lolly wrappers inside the tent because Unique had brought two boxes of favourites and some lollipops.

When they tidied everything up and they put the things away they had breakfast. They had sausages, spaghetti and eggs on toast with some bacon on the side. While they had their breakfast they were talking about what they were going to do for the rest of the day. Anahera didn’t have any ideas neither did Unique but Khyra had one. She said “why don’t we go down the road to this abandoned house it’s not to far away from here” so they agreed on Khyra’s idea.

They got everything ready for their walk then they packed their water bottles and a jacket just in case it got cold then they were off walking down the road. Once they got there they sat down on the sand and dipped their feet in the water while drinking their water bottles because there was a cool lake right by the house. When they finished they went inside the house and they explored the house for a little and then they found some eggs in the old moldy cupboard then they thought of having a egg fight so they did and it was so much fun.

When  the eggs ran out they found a couch and they had a sit down. Then their tummies started rumbling. They looked in their bags but they forgot their lunch and they were so hungry. So they looked around the house in search of food.When the eggs had ran out they went to a old oak door. They opened it and they found……. Mountainfuls of roast turkey, Jelly as big as the ceiling,  Vanilla ice cream with caramelized glaze, Potato Salad and much more delicious things to eat. Once they had a humongous feast they walked home and they said “that was some adventure wasn’t it and we got a free feast too” and the three of them lived happily ever after.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Wild Adventure

Many moons ago there were two girls named Alice and Julia. They lived together in a small cottage not to far away from a dark cave they lived happily there with there family. But one day Alice came up with a bright idea and she wanted to go to the cave and explore it. Julia agreed with Alice so they got some gear and started their hike down the quiet stream and through a wonderful forest where there were wild life creatures.

They even saw a bunny and a frog. As they kept walking through the beautiful forest they saw a big grassy green hill and they thought that if they climbed it they get a better view of cave and where to go. So they climbed it and there it was the big dark deep cave. Alice said “Cool” and then they went in the cave mouths still open from shock of how huge it was. When they were walking in they could hear water and see glowing. Julia said “Where should we start” and Alice said I don’t know but let’s keep having a look around first.

As they were looking around Alice found a fossil bone or something so she put it in a small piece of brown loincloth and placed it carefully in her travelling backpack. When they finished they started making their way deeper into the cave so Julia got her torch and they kept going. When they halfway to the glowing in the distance the cave started to shake Julia’s torch started to flick off and on and then it dropped out of her hand in shock. It was pitch black and both the girls were scared.

As the boulders started to the girls started to scream and one of the boulders rolled over Alice’s leg and she was in severe pain. Julia didn’t know what to do so she picked up Alice and started to walk her back out of the cave as the shaking started to stop. So that she could get reception to make a call to get the ambulance.

They kept walking while Alice was whimpering. Once they were out Julia made the call and Alice was saved. THE END !!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Coding Vocab

Walt: Understand why coding is important to learn.

Task Description: This week we have been learning about coding and things like why we should have coding and why I like coding.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Kayaking Trip

One day there were two girls and one boy and their names are Tory, Charlotte and Seth. They are all brothers and sisters and they live next to a cool breezy meadow with lots of flowers near it. So the three of them felt really hot and they were sweating because it was always sunny around them and when that happened they always asked their mum if they could have lemonade and Ice or Ice - Cream.

But today they felt like a swim or go down to the creek near their house with the kayaks so they asked their mum if they could and she said “yes but make sure that you're home before tea okay”. So the kids got their swimming suits just in case they fell in the water by accident. So they got their swimming suits on and they went to a small garage in their backyard and they found three kayaks they were purple, blue and green. Once they had got their kayaks they dragged them down the hill with their life jackets for safety. Once they got to the creek they walked over to this small wharf thing that they built so that they could just slide their kayaks into the water with them in it.

When they were kayaking down the creek they saw small fishes, tadpoles and frogs. The water was also very clear and cool. When they got to the end of the creek Charlotte was thinking about having a race so she said “ Hey do yous want to have a race to the other end of the creek “. While they were racing and Charlotte was going way too fast and she rocking around because she was determined to win the race and her kayak flipped over. She kept screaming out “ help “ but Seth and Tory were around the corner but as soon as Seth and Tory came around the corner they nearly bowled their kayaks into Charlotte’s head but Tory said “ slow down what’s that “. They both stopped and saw that it was a head so Seth jumped in the water and said “ aaaaahhhhh it’s Charlotte's head “. Seth quickly pulled Charlotte up so that her head was above the water and she kept coughing up water. Once it stopped Seth swam with Tory while they were holding Charlotte in the middle of them. Once Tory and Seth got to shore with Charlotte. Tory said “ i’ll go back and get the kayaks you go up and take her to the house “. Seth said “ okay “ and then left with no more words to say. Once everything was Done and their mum made a hot chocolate for everyone. Then everyone lived happily ever after.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Problem Solving

Walt: find a fraction of a number.
Walt: understand fractions.

My Padlet

Walt: understand what a refugee is.
Walt: synthesis readings into our own words.
Walt: understand and use new and interesting vocab.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Monday, 22 August 2016

Problem Solving

Walt: measure lengths of objects in the classroomWalt: compare two lengths

My Padlet

WALT: make connections between texts and apply the knowledge to a new situation.
Walt: understand why people make particular choices and how their choice can impact themselves and others.
WALT: condense ideas and paraphrase these into my own words.

Friday, 12 August 2016

If I Were At The Olympics

On April the 6th of 1896 the Olympics started. It was really mind-blowing then because it would challenge people and it would also be fun at the same time. It was also used to bring everyone together. But these days it’s used for a lot more things like more buildings, houses, hospitals and  rest homes and lots of other things too but those things would be helpful for jobs and healthcare for the sick people in need.

So how do athletes train? Athletes train for about 3 to 4 hours and they wake up early at like 5:00am to go to the gym to train, or run around the track, or run around the block to get fit for the olympic games. They also eat healthy food and go to bed early. They also have different techniques to train.

With Justin Gatlin, he was trying to beat Usain Bolt because he got a silver from like a tenth of an eye blink and that’s really close but he’s aiming for a gold so him and his coach are now using hyper speed cameras to try and make him faster and if he should use start or just normal.

Image result for Lisa carrington who won gold what were their emotionsWhat would be their emotions if they won gold? Lisa Carrington, when she won it was like a dream had come true because if you were training for 4 years and it finally payed off how would you feel. Well she must’ve felt thrilled and delighted.

Monday, 8 August 2016

My Poster

Walt: locate and summarise ideas
Walt: ask questions after reading to clarify our thinking and discuss what we are still wondering.

Maths Problem Solving

Walt: multiply decimal numbersWalt: solve word problems with decimals

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Shoes Of The Olympics

Walt: respond using key information from a number of texts as well as our own knowledge.
Walt:  compare and contrast a number of successful Olympic shoes over almost 90 years, looking at how and why the technology changed over time. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Maths Problem Solving

Walt: subtract decimal numbers
Walt: solve word problems with decimals.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Immersion Assembly

In the holiday’s I went to Parakai Springs for my brothers 1st birthday. Me and my cousins went in the pools and did diving and bombs. My Uncle Zane did really big bombs because he is big and bulky (well he says). My uncle Zane even got to see his other two daughters Taraia Dawn & Riana Lee. Taraia Dawn is 4 and Riana lee is 2 years old.

After we finished at the pools we went to the slide. We had to get mats before we walked up because there were heaps of bumps and it would hurt your bottom. When we walked up the steps it was really tiring. It felt like heaps of flights of stairs. I went down the biggest slide first but I thought that it was the smallest I was super scared when I got to the top because I’m scared of heights when it was my turn to go down my little sister pushed me down but I landed on my tummy and you have to stay the right way on your tummy and pull the front up so you can go really fast. After that we went on the small slide I felt a lot better after the first time I went down. Then we had to go and have lunch we had potato salad,meats,chop sui and we had cold bottles of water and fizzy's. After we ate we had to wait half an hour before we swam again or else we get stitches or else we drown. We went to take the baby’s swimming. My little brothers Chevelle and Krimzyn were playing in the baby pools and the big kids went on the bouncy castle. Then we went to the inside pools it was really hot in there it’s sort of like a spa. Then we got changed into our clothes and we played on these games like in the hoyts movies at sylvia park.

That’s the end of my holidays

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Ace & John and (Christian the lion)

One day there were two men and their names were Ace & John. They found a baby lion in a shop & thought it was wrong. So they took it & raised it as their own & they even called it Christian. When they were keeping Christian in their house the lion grew. They had to move him to a bigger place & they realised that it was also wrong to keep him in a place where there were lots of humans & only one lion. It’s not right for someone to keep animals that are meant to be in the wild.

John & Ace decided to send Christian into the wild. He also became king of a pride. After a few weeks Ace & John came to visit Christian. It took them about 5, 6 or 7 hours to find Christian though. Once they found him it was like a big reunion because Christian jumped on Ace & John. That  would be dangerous for them if the lion had not remembered them. Fortunately Christian did not forget them. After the reunion was over, Christian even introduced them to other lions in his pride. They knew that whenever they wanted to visit him he would remember them and that’s why I think Ace & John are real life heroes.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble

One day there were five kids their names are Hailey, Aimee, Noah, Zion and Cres. They all brothers and sisters. So all of them were walking to school which was just down the road. When they were walking they walked into a person by accident because they were all looking at the ground while
They walking. Then Black Widow took them and took them to this old castle which was really far away. The kids were scared when they were following the lady into the castle and into this super dark room it was almost like it was a trophy room because there were loads of glass cubes and it looked like there were dusty trophy’s inside of them.

When Black Widow walked through the door of the next room they saw a ripped chair, a broken coffee table and a rusty silver goblet. After they passed the chair and the table and the goblet they saw a tunnel which was right in the middle of the old room Black Widow said “Come with me” and the kids followed. While they were walking through the cold tunnel Aimee said “I’m scared” and Cres said”So am I”.

Then at the end of the the tunnel there was a iron door where they stopped
Black Widow put in the pin which was 15328. Then the door opened and she walked in she told the kids to follow her and she went down a sewage and then she told the kids to sit on the ledge and then she turned a switch on. After like 74 seconds there were loads of fish with razor sharp teeth like piranhas. There were also heaps of Booby Traps too. While the kids were screaming Iron Man was having fun in his new hotel and was having a wonderful time until he had a message It said Iron Man there are like 5 kids in Black Widows secret hideout can you rescue them and get Tiger Girl to help you. So Iron Man went to get Tiger Girl  and then the both of them went to go get the 5 kids who were screaming by now. When Iron Man and Tiger Girl got to the scene then the 5 kids were rescued Black Widow got put in jail and behind bars she said”That’s not the last you’ve seen of me. Then everyone lived happily ever after.

The End