Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble

One day there were five kids their names are Hailey, Aimee, Noah, Zion and Cres. They all brothers and sisters. So all of them were walking to school which was just down the road. When they were walking they walked into a person by accident because they were all looking at the ground while
They walking. Then Black Widow took them and took them to this old castle which was really far away. The kids were scared when they were following the lady into the castle and into this super dark room it was almost like it was a trophy room because there were loads of glass cubes and it looked like there were dusty trophy’s inside of them.

When Black Widow walked through the door of the next room they saw a ripped chair, a broken coffee table and a rusty silver goblet. After they passed the chair and the table and the goblet they saw a tunnel which was right in the middle of the old room Black Widow said “Come with me” and the kids followed. While they were walking through the cold tunnel Aimee said “I’m scared” and Cres said”So am I”.

Then at the end of the the tunnel there was a iron door where they stopped
Black Widow put in the pin which was 15328. Then the door opened and she walked in she told the kids to follow her and she went down a sewage and then she told the kids to sit on the ledge and then she turned a switch on. After like 74 seconds there were loads of fish with razor sharp teeth like piranhas. There were also heaps of Booby Traps too. While the kids were screaming Iron Man was having fun in his new hotel and was having a wonderful time until he had a message It said Iron Man there are like 5 kids in Black Widows secret hideout can you rescue them and get Tiger Girl to help you. So Iron Man went to get Tiger Girl  and then the both of them went to go get the 5 kids who were screaming by now. When Iron Man and Tiger Girl got to the scene then the 5 kids were rescued Black Widow got put in jail and behind bars she said”That’s not the last you’ve seen of me. Then everyone lived happily ever after.

The End

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