Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Will He Save Her?

One day there was a 22 year-old woman named Kate she lived a normal life but one day she went to across the road to the shop to get a coffee she got the coffee and was walking back to her apartment she came in but she found the Joker . The Joker  found a cloth on the bench and wrapped it around Kate’s mouth so that nobody would hear her when she screamed. He quietly dragged Kate to his van and he chucked her in the back with lots of tools she landed on a hammer and got knocked out. When she woke up she found herself halfway up the sky tower but it was dark like a secret passageway or something. Then she realised that she was in a sack and there was a small hole but it was big enough to see where they were going.

When we made it to the top he unwrapped the rope and told me to get out and stand by the pole. Kate did do it but she was tricked and the Joker quickly grabbed her hands and tied them with the rope. Kate was lucky though because she never leaves her phone from her apartment. It had dropped out of her pocket so she waited for the Joker to turn around and then she dialled 111 with her feet and whispered that she had been captured and that she is on the top of the sky tower and that she might die. The call would have worked but the Joker   heard her and crushed Kate’s phone with his shoes. Then he started to mutter to himself. But Kate couldn’t make out the words. He knew that some superhero would sense danger soon and might be coming right now. He thought I will not win if I do not do something soon. So he thought maybe I could just push her off that’s what I’ll do I’ll push her off the sky tower. He then untied the rope and told Kate not to be scared and that he won’t hurt her but wrong the Joker   kicked her off and then she screamed and just kept screaming and as she was screaming Wonder Woman heard the screaming and came straight away.

She saw the Joker   and thought who do I get then she thought the girl then Wonder Woman  flew as fast as she could but she said I’m not going to make it but she kept going then just as Wonder Woman  thought that Kate was going to go splat Hulk  came and saved Kate at the very last second and then Wonder Woman went to go take down the Joker   she went Kapow Boom and Splat then the Police came and the Joker   got captured and that’s the end of my story.

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