Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Creating a Legend!!!

A long time ago there was a boy named Holden. It was one beautiful day just like today accept Holden felt like somebody was telling Holden to go for a walk in a forest anyways Holden had his breakfast and then that voice came again he thought weird. After his breakfast and he tidied up he went to go get dressed into clean clothes because he was in his pj’s and it had tomato sauce from his scrambled eggs.
He heard the voice again he thought that’s it I’m going to go for a walk to the nearest forest and he thought to bring some gear. he brought a water bottle some sandwiches and a rope just in case he had to climb up some thing then he left a note on the table saying i’m just going for a walk to the forest and i brought some food and water i will be home around tea time from Holden. Then he set off on his journey to the forest. It was a really long walk because he had to walk through a stream and he had to walk through long itchy grass and then he was about to climb a rock but it started to rain so he went under this tree that had a patch of warm dry grass and took of his backpack and found the cold water from the freezer at his house and then he took out his favourite kind of sandwiches they had curry sausages in one of them he had peanut butter and jam in another and in his last one he had kfc chicken from his dinner the night before. Once the rain stopped holden he continued his walk to the forest.

Once he got to the forest he realised that the trees had caved in like something was dieing  and then he saw this really old tree at the end of the line. Holden thought that big tree looks like it’s been there for centuries. So he thought maybe the old tree was calling me. He walked to the tree and stood by the old tree and saw all the bugs eating it so he flicked all of the bugs and flies. He also saw the old bark that was easy to peel off and then he went to go and walk around and he saw all of the plants that were dieing and he felt really sorry for. them So he thought quietly is there anything that I can do and then he heard a voice inside his mind the person said “you can help me and my forest but you might not want to be what I might turn you into”. but Holden Said”i’ll do whatever it takes to save this forest” he said bravely. Then in a flash he was a bird and then tane Mahuta told him to go and save his forest.

                                                   The End

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