Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hector Spider vs Roddy Insect

Walt: Write a narrative

One misty morning in a deserted jungle there was an insect and a spider. The insect’s name is Roddy, Roddy is a very quiet insect. He likes to hide in flax bushes when other bugs come near.
He likes his colony but he also likes to wander. Roddy is a camouflage bug. Roddy has horns he
uses them to stun his enemy enough to scare it away. Roddy also likes to eat ants and aphids.
If the enemy looks really scary for Roddy then he will camouflage into something else.

The Spider’s name is Hector, Hector does not like to be nice.
Hector is a jumping spider he likes to jump. He is very colourful, he is green and blue. Hector lives in a rotten stump. He catches his prey by waiting in the stump, and while he waits something yummy is outside. He is a very different subspecies of spider.

Roddy was out looking for food, but he saw Hector and Hector looked very hungry for Roddy. So Roddy tried running but Hector kept jumping along beside him, Hector stopped for a while because he could not see Roddy. Roddy is very lucky for being a camouflage bug. But jumping spiders have great eyesight, so after a couple of minutes Hector spotted Roddy camouflaged into a rose.

So the chase went on Roddy got tired of running so he stopped. Hector had him cornered. But luckily there was a big pray mantis. That jumped down in between them, the pray mantis was facing the jumping spider. Then the pray mantis chased Hector far far away. Roddy lived happily ever after. But unfortunately Hector did not.
Task Description: Today we writ a narrative. We were creating insects and spiders. So we did a narrative about our two bugs versing.

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