Wednesday, 1 March 2017

More Native Birds In Tamaki

Walt: Write Persuasively 

Why do you think that we should have more native-birds in Tamaki?. I think that we could still have some Non-native birds, but more Native Birds. I also think that Tamaki needs more birds.

I think Tamaki needs more Silvereye. I think that because their breeding is very is high which means that it’s not threatened. It has different names like Waxeye, Whiteye, Blight bird, and Tauhou. Length is 12 cm and it’s weight is 13 g. So it’s not that big. A Silvereye is a similar species of Bell bird. So I think that it will fit in very nicely in the Tamaki environment.

I also think that Tamaki needs heaps more Kingfisher. Tamaki needs more Kingfisher because it is very pretty and cool and I think everyone knows that. The other names that people call it is New Zealand kingfisher, kōtare, green kingfisher, tree kingfisher and the wood kingfisher. The Kingfisher is a very well-known bird too. It has eight sub-species in Australia. That is a reason why I think that we need this more of this bird in Tamaki.

I think that we need less of the pigeon because it makes a me very angry when you have food and then they come and crowd you. Like they are asking for food. I don’t know why but I’m not a very big fan of any type of pigeon. I think that we also need to clear or move some away so that there is enough room for some Native Birds. That is why I think that we need less of this bird.

Lastly I think that we should have more of the Native Birds. Because I would like to see more of the Native ones then the Non-Native. That is why I think Tamaki needs more Native Birds.

Task Description: This week we have been learning about writing persuasively. So we were writing persuasively through native birds, and why we should have more of the 2 native birds that we picked. Also the Non Native one that we should have less of.

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  1. Hi Jaedah
    I really like your ideas but in my opinion I think that we shouldn't have more native birds because they could be endangered by children and they could become extinct.