Thursday, 16 June 2016

Immersion Assembly

In the holiday’s I went to Parakai Springs for my brothers 1st birthday. Me and my cousins went in the pools and did diving and bombs. My Uncle Zane did really big bombs because he is big and bulky (well he says). My uncle Zane even got to see his other two daughters Taraia Dawn & Riana Lee. Taraia Dawn is 4 and Riana lee is 2 years old.

After we finished at the pools we went to the slide. We had to get mats before we walked up because there were heaps of bumps and it would hurt your bottom. When we walked up the steps it was really tiring. It felt like heaps of flights of stairs. I went down the biggest slide first but I thought that it was the smallest I was super scared when I got to the top because I’m scared of heights when it was my turn to go down my little sister pushed me down but I landed on my tummy and you have to stay the right way on your tummy and pull the front up so you can go really fast. After that we went on the small slide I felt a lot better after the first time I went down. Then we had to go and have lunch we had potato salad,meats,chop sui and we had cold bottles of water and fizzy's. After we ate we had to wait half an hour before we swam again or else we get stitches or else we drown. We went to take the baby’s swimming. My little brothers Chevelle and Krimzyn were playing in the baby pools and the big kids went on the bouncy castle. Then we went to the inside pools it was really hot in there it’s sort of like a spa. Then we got changed into our clothes and we played on these games like in the hoyts movies at sylvia park.

That’s the end of my holidays

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Ace & John and (Christian the lion)

One day there were two men and their names were Ace & John. They found a baby lion in a shop & thought it was wrong. So they took it & raised it as their own & they even called it Christian. When they were keeping Christian in their house the lion grew. They had to move him to a bigger place & they realised that it was also wrong to keep him in a place where there were lots of humans & only one lion. It’s not right for someone to keep animals that are meant to be in the wild.

John & Ace decided to send Christian into the wild. He also became king of a pride. After a few weeks Ace & John came to visit Christian. It took them about 5, 6 or 7 hours to find Christian though. Once they found him it was like a big reunion because Christian jumped on Ace & John. That  would be dangerous for them if the lion had not remembered them. Fortunately Christian did not forget them. After the reunion was over, Christian even introduced them to other lions in his pride. They knew that whenever they wanted to visit him he would remember them and that’s why I think Ace & John are real life heroes.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble

One day there were five kids their names are Hailey, Aimee, Noah, Zion and Cres. They all brothers and sisters. So all of them were walking to school which was just down the road. When they were walking they walked into a person by accident because they were all looking at the ground while
They walking. Then Black Widow took them and took them to this old castle which was really far away. The kids were scared when they were following the lady into the castle and into this super dark room it was almost like it was a trophy room because there were loads of glass cubes and it looked like there were dusty trophy’s inside of them.

When Black Widow walked through the door of the next room they saw a ripped chair, a broken coffee table and a rusty silver goblet. After they passed the chair and the table and the goblet they saw a tunnel which was right in the middle of the old room Black Widow said “Come with me” and the kids followed. While they were walking through the cold tunnel Aimee said “I’m scared” and Cres said”So am I”.

Then at the end of the the tunnel there was a iron door where they stopped
Black Widow put in the pin which was 15328. Then the door opened and she walked in she told the kids to follow her and she went down a sewage and then she told the kids to sit on the ledge and then she turned a switch on. After like 74 seconds there were loads of fish with razor sharp teeth like piranhas. There were also heaps of Booby Traps too. While the kids were screaming Iron Man was having fun in his new hotel and was having a wonderful time until he had a message It said Iron Man there are like 5 kids in Black Widows secret hideout can you rescue them and get Tiger Girl to help you. So Iron Man went to get Tiger Girl  and then the both of them went to go get the 5 kids who were screaming by now. When Iron Man and Tiger Girl got to the scene then the 5 kids were rescued Black Widow got put in jail and behind bars she said”That’s not the last you’ve seen of me. Then everyone lived happily ever after.

The End

Archibald Baxter

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Archibald Baxter didn't live a normal life. Archibald was the second of eight children that starved in his childhood. Archibald also left school at the age of 12 and then he had to work on the farm and do stuff like shoot rabbits and keep the rabbits away from their potatoes, kumara, silver beet, radishes and greens. When Archibald was thirty-five he got told to come to military services to go to the war. He refused and everyone called him a coward because they heard about it. He still refused and had to get punished. He got sent to France to get tied to a pole and stay outside for ages.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Creating a Legend!!!

A long time ago there was a boy named Holden. It was one beautiful day just like today accept Holden felt like somebody was telling Holden to go for a walk in a forest anyways Holden had his breakfast and then that voice came again he thought weird. After his breakfast and he tidied up he went to go get dressed into clean clothes because he was in his pj’s and it had tomato sauce from his scrambled eggs.
He heard the voice again he thought that’s it I’m going to go for a walk to the nearest forest and he thought to bring some gear. he brought a water bottle some sandwiches and a rope just in case he had to climb up some thing then he left a note on the table saying i’m just going for a walk to the forest and i brought some food and water i will be home around tea time from Holden. Then he set off on his journey to the forest. It was a really long walk because he had to walk through a stream and he had to walk through long itchy grass and then he was about to climb a rock but it started to rain so he went under this tree that had a patch of warm dry grass and took of his backpack and found the cold water from the freezer at his house and then he took out his favourite kind of sandwiches they had curry sausages in one of them he had peanut butter and jam in another and in his last one he had kfc chicken from his dinner the night before. Once the rain stopped holden he continued his walk to the forest.

Once he got to the forest he realised that the trees had caved in like something was dieing  and then he saw this really old tree at the end of the line. Holden thought that big tree looks like it’s been there for centuries. So he thought maybe the old tree was calling me. He walked to the tree and stood by the old tree and saw all the bugs eating it so he flicked all of the bugs and flies. He also saw the old bark that was easy to peel off and then he went to go and walk around and he saw all of the plants that were dieing and he felt really sorry for. them So he thought quietly is there anything that I can do and then he heard a voice inside his mind the person said “you can help me and my forest but you might not want to be what I might turn you into”. but Holden Said”i’ll do whatever it takes to save this forest” he said bravely. Then in a flash he was a bird and then tane Mahuta told him to go and save his forest.

                                                   The End

Friday, 3 June 2016

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Will He Save Her?

One day there was a 22 year-old woman named Kate she lived a normal life but one day she went to across the road to the shop to get a coffee she got the coffee and was walking back to her apartment she came in but she found the Joker . The Joker  found a cloth on the bench and wrapped it around Kate’s mouth so that nobody would hear her when she screamed. He quietly dragged Kate to his van and he chucked her in the back with lots of tools she landed on a hammer and got knocked out. When she woke up she found herself halfway up the sky tower but it was dark like a secret passageway or something. Then she realised that she was in a sack and there was a small hole but it was big enough to see where they were going.

When we made it to the top he unwrapped the rope and told me to get out and stand by the pole. Kate did do it but she was tricked and the Joker quickly grabbed her hands and tied them with the rope. Kate was lucky though because she never leaves her phone from her apartment. It had dropped out of her pocket so she waited for the Joker to turn around and then she dialled 111 with her feet and whispered that she had been captured and that she is on the top of the sky tower and that she might die. The call would have worked but the Joker   heard her and crushed Kate’s phone with his shoes. Then he started to mutter to himself. But Kate couldn’t make out the words. He knew that some superhero would sense danger soon and might be coming right now. He thought I will not win if I do not do something soon. So he thought maybe I could just push her off that’s what I’ll do I’ll push her off the sky tower. He then untied the rope and told Kate not to be scared and that he won’t hurt her but wrong the Joker   kicked her off and then she screamed and just kept screaming and as she was screaming Wonder Woman heard the screaming and came straight away.

She saw the Joker   and thought who do I get then she thought the girl then Wonder Woman  flew as fast as she could but she said I’m not going to make it but she kept going then just as Wonder Woman  thought that Kate was going to go splat Hulk  came and saved Kate at the very last second and then Wonder Woman went to go take down the Joker   she went Kapow Boom and Splat then the Police came and the Joker   got captured and that’s the end of my story.