Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Ace & John and (Christian the lion)

One day there were two men and their names were Ace & John. They found a baby lion in a shop & thought it was wrong. So they took it & raised it as their own & they even called it Christian. When they were keeping Christian in their house the lion grew. They had to move him to a bigger place & they realised that it was also wrong to keep him in a place where there were lots of humans & only one lion. It’s not right for someone to keep animals that are meant to be in the wild.

John & Ace decided to send Christian into the wild. He also became king of a pride. After a few weeks Ace & John came to visit Christian. It took them about 5, 6 or 7 hours to find Christian though. Once they found him it was like a big reunion because Christian jumped on Ace & John. That  would be dangerous for them if the lion had not remembered them. Fortunately Christian did not forget them. After the reunion was over, Christian even introduced them to other lions in his pride. They knew that whenever they wanted to visit him he would remember them and that’s why I think Ace & John are real life heroes.

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