Friday, 12 August 2016

If I Were At The Olympics

On April the 6th of 1896 the Olympics started. It was really mind-blowing then because it would challenge people and it would also be fun at the same time. It was also used to bring everyone together. But these days it’s used for a lot more things like more buildings, houses, hospitals and  rest homes and lots of other things too but those things would be helpful for jobs and healthcare for the sick people in need.

So how do athletes train? Athletes train for about 3 to 4 hours and they wake up early at like 5:00am to go to the gym to train, or run around the track, or run around the block to get fit for the olympic games. They also eat healthy food and go to bed early. They also have different techniques to train.

With Justin Gatlin, he was trying to beat Usain Bolt because he got a silver from like a tenth of an eye blink and that’s really close but he’s aiming for a gold so him and his coach are now using hyper speed cameras to try and make him faster and if he should use start or just normal.

Image result for Lisa carrington who won gold what were their emotionsWhat would be their emotions if they won gold? Lisa Carrington, when she won it was like a dream had come true because if you were training for 4 years and it finally payed off how would you feel. Well she must’ve felt thrilled and delighted.

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