Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Kayaking Trip

One day there were two girls and one boy and their names are Tory, Charlotte and Seth. They are all brothers and sisters and they live next to a cool breezy meadow with lots of flowers near it. So the three of them felt really hot and they were sweating because it was always sunny around them and when that happened they always asked their mum if they could have lemonade and Ice or Ice - Cream.

But today they felt like a swim or go down to the creek near their house with the kayaks so they asked their mum if they could and she said “yes but make sure that you're home before tea okay”. So the kids got their swimming suits just in case they fell in the water by accident. So they got their swimming suits on and they went to a small garage in their backyard and they found three kayaks they were purple, blue and green. Once they had got their kayaks they dragged them down the hill with their life jackets for safety. Once they got to the creek they walked over to this small wharf thing that they built so that they could just slide their kayaks into the water with them in it.

When they were kayaking down the creek they saw small fishes, tadpoles and frogs. The water was also very clear and cool. When they got to the end of the creek Charlotte was thinking about having a race so she said “ Hey do yous want to have a race to the other end of the creek “. While they were racing and Charlotte was going way too fast and she rocking around because she was determined to win the race and her kayak flipped over. She kept screaming out “ help “ but Seth and Tory were around the corner but as soon as Seth and Tory came around the corner they nearly bowled their kayaks into Charlotte’s head but Tory said “ slow down what’s that “. They both stopped and saw that it was a head so Seth jumped in the water and said “ aaaaahhhhh it’s Charlotte's head “. Seth quickly pulled Charlotte up so that her head was above the water and she kept coughing up water. Once it stopped Seth swam with Tory while they were holding Charlotte in the middle of them. Once Tory and Seth got to shore with Charlotte. Tory said “ i’ll go back and get the kayaks you go up and take her to the house “. Seth said “ okay “ and then left with no more words to say. Once everything was Done and their mum made a hot chocolate for everyone. Then everyone lived happily ever after.

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