Tuesday, 14 February 2017

What I Did In The Weekends.

Walt: write a recount about our experience.
I went to see my mum in the weekends because I stay with my Nan. I went to New market because that’s where my mum stays. While I was there I was watching the TV and my favourite program was on Kim Of Queens. Once it finished this other program was put on and it was called dance moms. I was like "whaaaaaat!". So I let it slip and watched some I got bored after a while.

So I went for a short walk. While I was walking I saw a college called Dilworth college. They had this huge water slide and they mats to slide down sort of like those mats at parakai springs. I was watching the a little while but then i left. While I was walking I saw a Burmese cat and I even saw these little twins they looked they were two or one.

While I was walking past I found a very pretty flower and the name of it was a Pohutukawa tree flower. I picked a few and then went home. My mum really liked them so i put them in a vase with some water and put them on the living room Table. When I went to look in the cupboard and saw my sister in there looking all crumpled up. So I was like “what are doing in there” and she was like “I’m hiding now get away you're going to give away my hiding spot”.

Then i was like can i play next round and she was like “yep”. So I waited until they finished and then we did coconut coconut crack to see who would be in.

That was what I did In the weekends.

Task Description: I was writing about what I did in the weekends.

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