Friday, 10 February 2017

Tamaki Enviroment

Walt: Make connections across multiple texts.

I am excited for  Te Taio O Tamaki because it’s going to be a very cool experience. Te Taio O Tamaki means the environment of Tamaki. The environment of Tamaki is very important because we have lots of native trees and plants around us.
The native trees and plants are very important to the Tamaki cluster and us because some different species of plants and trees are very pretty like we have the harakeke around there and they like to stay around damp places. It also looks very nice when you do different weaves like flowers with it.

Task Description: This week we have been working on the environment and what native and plants we have around Tamaki.

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  1. Hi there It's me Hinerangi. I was wanting to tell you that I had so much fun reading your writing about Te Taiao O Tamaki because it was so fun reading it. I hope to comment more soon. I loved reading this wonderful blog posts.From Hinerangi...