Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Race

Walt: write a quality recount.

Have you ever ran in jandals before? Well I bet you haven’t but I have. We had to run on our frosty looking field. I could tell we were going to have a long morning.

Before we went off to the field we had to put our shoes on (even though I was wearing jandals). Next we lined up and we walked to the field. No one even knew what we were going to do. Until Mr Goodwin gave us instructions. I didn't have a clue.

After that he gave us instructions. That sounded scary. Mr Goodwin’s instructions were to run to the goal post and back, and saying that was a big field. I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad but, then I thought I was gonna get real tired.

Finally we started the run. I got tired the first half, but I carried on instead of walking. I even nearly tripped over. Luckily there wasn’t a bull chasing me. When I got back lot’s of the kids were huffing and puffing. Like the Big Bad Wolf. I was too actually. I was a bit gutted that our teacher made us sit on the frosty, wet grass. Lastly we went to the taps for a drink. While I was walking because I was the front leader for the line.

While I was walking because I was the front leader for the line. Mr Goodwin said “Have a drink think how does it make you feel, with the water running down your throat”.  I was like “why would we want to think about that”. I laughed. But then I thought in my mind that it felt refreshing. Overall I thought that it was so tiring. But I if I got use to it then I would do it again but never ever in my life wearing jandals again.

Task Description: This week we have been learning to write a quality introduction and proper recount.

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