Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Fishing Time

Walt: Think critically about what we read

Task Description: So for this task I did a lot of reading I also went on this link Fishing Frugallures to create the lure for the right fish. We had explain what lure is in a paragraph. Then I posted on my blog.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

This Week My Number Is 924

Walt: Guess My Number

Task Description: explain in as many ways as you can of the number that you chose.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Immersion Assembly

Walt: use exciting language

As soon as I got to my class my teacher yelled “Line Up” so I quickly jumped into my home class line. Then we started walking to the hall for assembly. Once we got there we had to sit in lines and sit up straight, then our principal was talking to us about our new term topic, and it is Now that’s thinking. I thought that’s a bit weird. But then he he started showing us some wireless technology.

For team 1-3 they are all focusing on kites, how to make them, how to make them go higher and all that, but mainly flight. Then with team 5 they are fixing things that aren’t right around and in our school like making cushions, making a garden with blocks of left over dirt and making more places for bags to go.

Team 4’s topic is “What kinds of technology did Maori use before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand”. All of our fabulous teachers came up with wonderful ideas. There is a lot of history in it, well it’s like we’re thinking backwards into fax machines and things like that. Fax machines are really old but we still have some in parts of New Zealand. People
would have a document and write whatever they wanted, then they would send it to wherever they wanted it to go. It can even travel faster than twelve seconds.

I hope that we learn about waka’s and how they made them, also how they made clothes. I even want to know what type of weapons they used to do hunting. I also want to know how maori acted to when pakeha people came. I don’t know if they were a bit confused of what they look like, they might of thought that their technology was a bit interesting, I have no clue at all but I want to find out.

Overall this term’s topic was interesting I’m very excited to learn about new pieces of technology. Maybe even get to play with some. So I really like this term’s topic and I’m looking forward to all the technology that we are going to be learning about.

Task Description: This term team 4 is learning about what type of technology did Maori people use before pakeha arrived in NZ. So we did this piece of writing to tell people what we want to learn about that relates to the topic.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Inquiry Research For Extension

Task Description: Researching abouta eels and ducks point of view, gathering all of the information and putting it into a presentation.

Emma The Eel & Diana The Duck

Task Description: This was the DLO/Digital Learning Object video for extension. I am Emma the eel. We did the video at Omaru Creek.